Hornby Hachette Series French O Gauge x38 Wagon & Coaches Set NEW Bargain Job Lot Set

**x2 Sets in Stock**SUPERB Bargain Priced**Job Lot x38**Less than £4.50 per wagon!!!**Excellent Collectors All as NEW Tinplate Editions**Bargain Job Lot Clearance Priced**

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Hachette, French Hornby, O Gauge, SUPERB Wagon & Coaches. x38 Job Lot

Lithographed tinplate. All are in new in unused condition. All complete with buffers, coupling's etc.

Excellent collectors bargain priced Job Lot edition set.

(Works out Less than £4.50 per wagon!!!) At this price even used as spares makes it bargain. i.e. Wheels, Axels & Couplings

All will be carefully packed with for posting/shipping of it. Supplied also with x10 card wagon/coach boxes.

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Consisting of: x38:

Red Crane Truck, "ETAT" Green Luggage - Baggage Coach, "Green 20 Ton Open Mineral" Wagon, "Vins Fins Cooperative De Panzoult" Tanker Wagon, "MOTOROL" Green Tanker Wagon, "Yellow Side Tipping" Wagon, "ECO Essence" Silver Tanker Wagon,

"ETAT" Cattle Wagon, "Red Side Tipping" Wagon, "ETAT" Blue & Red Rotary Tipping" Wagon, Blue "Wine" Beer Double Barrel Wagon, Red & Green "Timber" Wagon,

"NORD" Orange & Blue Rotary Tipping" Wagon, Red "Wine" Beer Double Barrel Wagon, Nord "Laiterie Moderne" White Tanker Wagon, White PLM "Refridgerator" Van Frigorifiques Wagon,

Yellow "NORD" Cattle" Van Wagon, "Open Mineral" Grey 20 Ton Wagon With Vigie, "Saint Freres" Open Canopy Covered Mineral Wagon, Green "Hopper" Wagon, Red "Sablieres De Pontrieux" "Hopper" Wagon,

ETAT Red Post Parcel "Postes ET elegraphes" Van, Green Triple "Barrel" Wagon, "Blue Crane Truck", "SNCF" Open Mineral Wagon, "SNCF" White 2nd Class Coach, "EST" Black & Orange 1st Class Coach,

"EST" Black & Orange 2nd Class Coach, Blue & Cream "Pullman" Restaurant Dining Coach,
"SNCF" Green 1st Class Coach, Blue Red Roof "Saloon" 2nd Class Coach,

"SNCF" Green 2nd Class Coach, Blue Red Roof "Saloon" 1st Class Coach, "SNCF" Green 3rd Class Coach, Light Blue 'Voiture Lits 1st First Class Sleeping Car' Coach,

Red "'SNCF' 1st First Class Coach, Light Blue 'Voiture Lits 2nd, Second, Class 'Sleeping Car' Coach, Green & Black "EST 3rd Class Passenger Coach. x10 card wagon/coach boxes.