Items - Collections Wanted

******Collections & Single Items always WANTED******
We are always interested in purchasing collections or individual items. We also offer probate or insurance valuations. Press the contact us button to email, or you can telephone directly on 01782 653305 or 07963 576526 send us your list by post to:
The Station Masters Rooms Ltd.
19 Franklin Drive
Blythe Bridge
ST11 9TN
(On the next page use the below link to also submit a photo when available to do so)
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**********Thinking of Selling - Let Us Sell your Items**********
Another service we offer is to sell your items for you.
We can offer a very good estimation of its/there values.
We can arrange for the item to be picked up or, upon request, use our drop off service.
We do the descriptions and the photographs.
The Post & Packing after its sold is included.
So if you are wanting to sell your items/collection use the contact us button and email us with details of what you have.
Contact Us
******Specific Items you are looking for******
As you can see we have a huge range of products and items and always have items/collections coming in regularly.
So not all of our items are listed.
If there is a specific item you are looking for, do feel free to contact us and we will do our best to source it for you.
Contact Us
*********PX Available on Items*********
As we realize sometimes you may wish to part-exchange, so we do also offer this option to you. Use the contact us button and email us with details of what you have to PX and supply us with as much what details as you can on it. A photo would be preferred. Also don't forget to tell us what item you are interested in.
Contact Us
*********Holding Deposits**********
We do realise that most of use do have budgets to work on. So if there is any item/s you wish us to hold on a agreed time scale with a holding deposit we are always happy to discuss this option further. Do contact us if you wish to discuss this option.
Contact Us

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